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Transfiguration Special Gift


Thank you for signing up for our email list and for your interest in The Transfiguration of Our World.


A message from the author:

If you find the ideas, perspectives and meditations in this book valuable, I would like to offer you a special gift:

   My guided Soul Contact audio meditation on how you can connect with higher guidance for your life. 



I know you will find this meditation very helpful, as many people have told me they deeply appreciate the meditations I offer to help them connect with their higher self and bring through spiritual guidance and support.


Here is some feedback on the Soul Contact meditation:

   “I can’t thank you enough!  I am so grateful!  You helped me in a way that I’ve rarely encountered. You gave me the meditation to bring my soul into my heart – every minute of the day – and live from there.
I’ve been practicing it to the best of my ability. And it is clearly helping me to stay mindful of being “full” and returning quickly to it when I notice that I’m not. I feel a big difference in my mood and attitude. You are brilliant!”

– Michelle Bendowski, consulting client


Gordon Asher Davidson is cofounder of the Center for Visionary Leadership in California, author of The Transfiguration of Our Worldand co-author of The Practical Visionary, Spiritual Politics and Builders of the Dawn. He is a co-founder of Sirius, an ecological village and spiritual community in Massachusetts, and founding director of the Social Investment Forum.