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Next Galactic News:

APRIL 7, 2018 at 10:00am Pacific Time


Galactic News #20 Topics: 

The Final Phase of the Ascension Plan
  • How the new generation is accelerating planetary evolution with their extraordinary capacities and commitment.
  • How the awakening of the younger generations to the crises of gun violence and sexual abuse is supporting the Higher Plan.
  • Latest input on timing of events including the revaluation of currencies and reorganization of the financial system.
  • New positive developments showing our progress towards Ascension.
  • Preparation of humanity for full disclosure of Galactic Civilizations and their relationship to humanity.
  • Preview of conditions on Earth and in human consciousness once we are awake fully in the 5th Dimensional Ascension realm.
  • A meditation on invoking more joy in your life to accelerate Ascension.

To join the webinar, click here: https://zoom.us/j/674634191


PREVIOUS Galactic News:

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WATCH GN #18: https://youtu.be/-FStdpKi2Io


IMPORTANT NOTE: We will be using Zoom, a new online meeting system which each participant needs to download in order to join the webinar. Your web browser will automatically download Zoom once you click on the link if you are new to Zoom. To download Zoom in advance on your computer, click here and to learn more about joining a meeting on Zoom, click here.


Tune into up-to-the-minute information on the current accelerated changes of our Planet Earth and how they will affect you. Based on his book The Transfiguration of Our World, and his 20 year direct contact with the Galactic Light Alliance, Gordon Asher gordon-davidson-fullsize-live-the-future-nowDavidson will discuss the radical shifts occurring in finance, politics, media and all dimensions of human life. He will illuminate the deeper causes and purpose of events in our history, as well as clarify the actual plan that is destined to create a positive future for you and our shared human spiritual evolution. Your long held questions will be answered.


In these chaotic times, we all need a vision of hope and an understanding that despite all the upheavals in our world, we are moving into a joyful future where all life on earth will flourish and fulfill its Divine potential. The surfacing of all dark tendencies and suppression of information about positive developments arising from the heart of humanity has created an inaccurate picture of our world today and the forces shaping it. This teleseminar provides a corrective lens for humanity’s view of the future.


The great struggle between the forces of light and dark on earth is nearly over, and the Galactic/Earth Light Alliance of Spiritual Masters, Galactic civilizations and enlightened human beings is steadily implementing a higher plan for a lighted earth civilization. The Galactic News teleseminar will give you a vast overview of past, present and future events on earth from a profound perspective, as well as answer your personal questions of how you can prepare yourself spiritually to evolve with the planet into this new paradigm.


Each one and a half hour session will provide a current overview of world events from the perspective of the Galactic/Earth Light Alliance, revealing what is occurring on the causal, spiritual dimensions as well as the deeper reasons behind unfolding current world events from a higher perspective. Gordon will also offer a brief meditation to connect with these higher frequency energy fields, a sharing of tools you can use to raise your frequency, and an opportunity for questions with him.


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All Galactic News sessions are held online on the following Saturdays beginning at 10:00am Pacific Time. A replay will be sent out to all subscribers.

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