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Training and Classes

This course will be based on the latest information and energies received from the Masters of the Ashram of Synthesis by Gordon, and will integrate previous spiritual teachings with the latest light infusion tools and techniques, including accessing and bringing higher frequency atomic light into your DNA and light body. Inputs from the Ashram will be shared as the course unfolds, so all teaching and practices are fully in tune with emerging energies and unfolding events.


Gordon will be drawing upon his 40 years of deep meditation and 20 years of spiritual counseling with thousands of people worldwide, successfully assisting their rapid spiritual unfoldment. Corinne will offer guided meditations, practical techniques and experiential exercises based on hundreds of popular seminars she has given around the world.


   This sophisticated training will provide you with a solid spiritual foundation, based on a powerful integration of your conscious, subconscious and superconscious selves. You will illuminate and transform any subconscious patterns not aligned with your soul’s purpose to accelerate your spiritual growth. It will enable you to create a dynamic relationship with your soul as the portal to your superconscious. By learning techniques to integrate more atomic light into your being, you will be able to speed up your evolutionary process, and create a lighted, healthy relationship with people, time, and money in our rapidly changing world.


I.           Internalizing the Foundations of Higher Consciousness

  • Integrating your conscious, subconscious and superconscious dimensions into a fully unified self, with all three selves in complete support of your higher life purpose.
  • Understanding who is writing your life script and creating the life story you fully intend
  • Dialoguing with your subconscious to help it understand your soul purpose and fully co-create with you
  • Working with the incoming energies of rhythmic order and practical magic
  • Balancing ascending and descending energies in your personal field
  • Harmonizing your chakras to ground your higher vision and manifest your higher purpose


II.            Practicing Meditation Alignments

  • Entering the Matrix of Love and the sacred fire of the heart
  • Experiencing the process of soul contact, integration and fusion
  • Learning the new evolution alignment to accelerate your evolution
  • Infusing atomic light into your DNA to build your crystalline light body
  • Balancing light, love and will in your evolutionary process


III.  Living as a Soul in Your Daily Life 

  • Understanding and freeing yourself from sources of glamour and illusion
  • Receiving and evaluating higher guidance
  • Strengthening your higher purpose and service in the world
  • Developing and using your spiritual will
  • Co-creating with your future self to manifest your chosen future
  • Mastering time with the Kairosphere
  • Using quantum physics insights to raise your vibrational frequency
  •  Attracting financial abundance


IV. Co-creating with the Light Alliance

  • Experiencing a portal to the superconscious worlds of spiritual guides, galactics and the Ashram of Synthesis
  • Understanding the deeper dimensions of the Plan of World Transfiguration and your contribution to it
  • Exploring updates on the hidden side of world events and the progress of the unfolding Plan
  • Discovering positive initiatives underway in the world today that address our crises and support the transfiguration of our world


Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson are co-authors of The Practical Visionary,Spiritual Politics (Foreword by the Dalai Lama), and Builders of the Dawn.  They are co-founders of The Center for Visionary Leadership, based in California, which convenes annual gatherings of the World Service Intergroup, an international network of 70 meditation groups that meet at major spiritual centers around the world. They are also co-founders of Sirius, a spiritual and ecological community in Massachusetts. They have served on the adjunct faculty of The American University and the University of Massachusetts, and are Fellows of The World Business Academy, The Findhorn Foundation and members of the Transformational Leadership Council.


Corinne directed a national task force for The President’s Council on Sustainable Development.  Gordon has served as the founding Director of the Social Investment Forum and of the Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies. He is the author of The Transfiguration of Our World, and has been offering clients worldwide deep spiritual guidance and transformational consulting for over 20 years.



6 previously recorded webinars – 2 hours each
You will receive an email with links to all 6 videos as well as handouts given for each class.


COST- $149



“In this course, Corinne and Gordon present this material in such an easily absorbable yet profound way, the inner shifts for me were immediate and palpable. It is obvious that they both TRULY care to assist the viewer to expand their consciousness and they take every effort to share their wisdom gleaned over many years to make it experiential and gently, yet deeply, transformative.  Light simply exudes from both of them!  This webinar REALLY helped me significantly identify areas that were limiting me, and then lovingly move past them. There was much more content in the first webinar than I had anticipated when I signed up, and in fact, it was SO good that I purchased one to gift to a good friend of mine. I am truly grateful that I decided to experience this course, and in fact, I can hardly wait to experience the rest of the series!”

–Joanne Lyon



“Thank you for another helpful webinar. I really appreciate feeling that I’m getting an excellent summation of the best guidance available if one wants to advance spiritually!  I loved hearing about your experiences, because for me they bring the words to life. I loved hearing about that area of the spirit world that you visited, Gordon. Corinne, I appreciated your sharing that quiet time in nature is replenishing for you. Somehow the personal examples are what stick with me and my belief is that you both have a wealth of them.

–Victoria Clevenger



“I’m enjoying the Accelerated Evolution Trainings so much!  There is so much wonderful information.  Thanks so much, and great job with everything!”

–Justin Kakela