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Services offered by Joyful Evolution Consulting


Would you like to experience a unique psychological /spiritual process that helps you discover a new way to relate to your conscious self, and to your soul’s light, love and spiritual power? Would you like to create a loving, synergistic interplay between your conscious, subconscious and superconscious selves, which results in living a more joyous life of true service through your presence?


Would you like help in resolving the source of the stressful gap between your highest vision of yourself and how you actually respond to life situations? If so, we can help, as we specialize in working with deep seated challenges and personal issues that have not been resolved using other approaches. Based on our study and practice of Psychosophy A Way of Joy, Psychosynthesis and Voice Dialogue, we teach people how to access and transform their relationship with their subconscious through a loving process to make it their co-creative friend and partner. The subconscious then fully supports their highest soul purpose.


Would you like to have a facilitator and supporter of your process, teaching you how to guide and facilitate your own ongoing growth? We can help in your individual growth journey, which will naturally unfold in its own unique way, based on your current issues of concern, input from your subconscious, and the guidance of your soul. Would you like to experience inner work carefully oriented to your process, with no universal formula being applied, but rather a new understanding of how different parts of your being can be brought into loving, co-creative relationship? We can be there for you, holding a loving, supportive space for you, and providing various insights and techniques for you to use as needed so that you can achieve this goal.


Many people have asked how long the process takes. Some people have significant experiences in the first few sessions, while for others it is a gradual building of insight and energetic transformation that leads to a new vitality, joy and creative way of life. It is reasonable to assume that you would notice some real differences in how you energetically feel and how you approach your daily life in 3-5 sessions. There is no fixed number of sessions, and we encourage each person to decide for themselves at what pace they wish to work, and how long they wish to continue.


If you are interested in learning more (no commitment required), please contact us.

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Gordon Asher Davidson

"I am a Manhattan psychiatrist in private practice for the last 38 years, with currently over 450 clients. After one session with Gordon Davidson, I learned more about myself and made more real changes in myself than I had in all 15 years of intensive psychoanalysis! My subsequent sessions with Gordon have been full of learning about my close inner and outer family members from my past and present. His method to help a client is so on target that I have begun to do similar work with my patients. Gordon is brilliant, and is especially intuitive, perceptive, realistic, caring, and thoughtful. I have never worked with or seen a finer therapist. I can't praise him enough. Anyone working in the field of psychology will benefit tremendously from working with him and his Joyful Evolution process.”"

Leslie Seiden, M.D.

""Gordon's work is very relevant and deeply inspiring because it deals with one of the most important issues in relation to spiritual development: how do we change our biological and emotional past into a co-creative partner for the future. As a trained psychosynthesis psychotherapist with an MA in Psychosynthesis, for several years I have looked for the most comprehensive way to transform all subconscious influences to create an unimpeded flow from the Soul through the personality. Gordon Davidson’s approach is both visionary and practical, and will show you in detail how to do that by fully embracing and radically loving your subconscious into its higher frequencies. My guess is that it is exactly through the quality of love, which flows so powerfully through Gordon's work– the empathic understanding of all the subconscious beings, and linking them with the love of the conscious self and the soul - that makes Gordon's work so powerful. It surely had that impact on me.”"

Kenneth Sørensen, Psychotherapist

"“Joyful Evolution is a true revolution in the field of psycho-spiritual development, enabling awareness and growth that is unparalleled. Gordon’s philosophy, processes, and skill have no less than shattered what I believed to be possible in the realm of growth work. In particular, Gordon’s paradigms and capacity to work on multiple levels have resulted in a permanent transformation of my being far beyond what I previously thought was possible. What I have experienced with Gordon is a level of empowerment and capacity for my being to transform in a permanent fashion to serve my soul’s deepest purpose, expand my personal power, and to gain a fundamental alignment of all aspects of myself with the energy of the universe. I truly believe that Gordon’s combination of realization, awareness, and skill place him in an extremely rare category of teacher and healer who holds the key for the next level of transformation. I encourage everyone who is longing to live their deepest possible lives to experience Gordon's Joyful Evolution consulting and receive this amazing gift!”"

John, Co-Owner Executive Development Company

"“For decades, I've been engaged in all kinds of deep healing work. Rarely has there been a process that has effectively addressed all the levels simultaneously - psychological, emotional, spiritual and energetic. Gordon Davidson's work is nothing short of astonishing. Joyful Evolution consulting speaks to accessing our capacity to integrate and heal the complex and sometimes mysterious forces, personas, assembled belief systems, and pure magic that make up what a human being is... and more importantly, what and who we can become. I personally can say that without the gentle guidance, powerful presence and processes that Gordon has offered to me, I would not be as grateful, present, or resourceful as I am today. As we all seek ways to "become the change we wish to see in the world", Gordon's Joyful Evolution consulting represents a quantum leap in the field of transformational processes, one that can offer profound benefits during these challenging and remarkable times.”"

Gary Malkin, Emmy award-winning composer/ producer

Do you have lifelong issues that have not been resolved with other approaches?

Would you like a solution that fully resolves your issues permanently? 

  • Dealing with immediate life crises: loss of loved one, illness or stress
  • Understanding the cause of your deepest patterns
  • Transforming your inner judge, critic, victim and other parts  into
    complete and permanent allies
  • Creating a transformation in your emotional and energetic “set points” so
    that you naturally wake up feeling good, energized to carry out
    your highest goals

Do you want to develop and strengthen your relationship to your soul?

Do you sometimes wonder who you really are?

  • Learning to truly meditate
  • Discovering your easiest access to your soul
  • Learning to contact and recognize soul energy
  • Finding and clarifying your soul purpose
  • Establishing a clear plan for ongoing soul connection

Do you need life guidance and professional development?

Do you feel confused or uncertain about where you are going in your life and work?

  • Developing a clear strategy to fulfill your soul purpose
  • Resolving any blocks or patterns affecting your professional life
  • Exploring what makes you unique and daring to express it
  • Using your mind to create the future you envision
  • Developing a life and career that is a joy to be in
  • Fine tuning your personal presentation to the world
  • Building positive relationships with colleagues and/or a life partner

Do you want to realize your full spiritual potential?

Would you like to deepen your spiritual capacities to be your true, inner self and fully manifest your light, love and spiritual power?

  • Developing your intuitive capabilities
  • Accessing your own inner guidance
  • Experiencing oneness with all life
  • Understanding the inner worlds and co-creating with them