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Mastering Time Seminar


Recordings and Transcripts now available

In this new Mastering Time program you will learn how to play with time psychologically andmetaphysically, applying ageless wisdom to raise your vibrational frequency so you can use time more wholistically. This will also help you live more fully in the place of power – the present moment – rather than regretting the past or fearing the future.

Mastering Time will help you develop right timing and use synchronicity to get in tune with the higher flow of time. You will discover why time seems to speed up or slow down and what you can do about it. You’ll understand how time heals and how it reveals. Plus, you will understand how to create your chosen future, the true role of prophecy, and how you can know whether a vision or intuition is a valid prophecy or even useful information.

·      Discover secrets for overcoming time stress with the multi-dimensional Kairosphere technique.

·      Use linear or clock time (Kronos) more effectively to accomplish more

·      Access spherical or sacred time (Kairos) for inspiration so you can transform your subconscious past and create your chosen future

·      Learn practical techniques for right timing, rhythm, and managing the velocity of time

·      Explore prophecy, precognition and your future self

·      Learn fascinating metaphysical and scientific information, as well as  powerful meditations and experiential techniques

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