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The State of the World Today

  |   Creating the New World, Future, Galactics, Gordon Asher Davidson, Live the Future Now Homepage, Spiritual Development, Transfiguration of Our World Book   |   1 Comment

  Just as in the darkest days of World War II when victory seemed impossible, people carried on with the war against evil with great courage and determination. Today the war is on the subtle planes, a struggle for the hearts and minds of humanity, between...

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Meditation on Live the Future Now

  |   Corinne McLaughlin, Future, Live the Future Now Homepage, Meditation and Spiritual Practices, Spiritual Development   |   1 Comment

Step back from everything in your life and simply become a detached observer of what you are about to perceive in this meditation. Just notice what images spontaneously emerge, without any having emotional reactions or judgments about them.   Begin this meditation by relaxing and taking a...

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A Special Meditation on Collaborating with the Light Alliance

  |   Corinne McLaughlin, Creating the New World, Energy, Future, Galactics, Spiritual Development   |   No comment

A Special Meditation on Collaborating with the Light Alliance The Light Alliance is a network of all those on earth and beyond who are dedicated to creating a positive future for humanity:     Affirm your intention to collaborate with the Light Alliance and with a benevolent universe. Enter the silence...

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