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About Corinne McLaughlin

Corinne McLaughlin is the co-founder of the Center for Visionary Leadership in the San Francisco area and is co-author of The Practical Visionary; Spiritual Politics (Foreword by the Dalai Lama) and Builders of the Dawn. In 1978 she co-founded Sirius, an eco-village and community in Massachusetts, which is a pioneer in the environmental sustainability field.


She is a Fellow of the World Business Academy and of the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. Corinne directed a national task force on Sustainable Communities for The President’s Council on Sustainable Development, served on the Board of Directors for The Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy, and taught Transformational Politics at American University in Washington D.C.


A popular author and lecturer, Corinne has been teaching courses on leadership, conscious business, transformational politics, meditation, and spiritual development  for over 30 years around the U.S., Europe and So. America.  She has been interviewed in over 135 newspapers, magazines and radio and television shows, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and USA Today.


Pioneering new ideas and promoting innovative solutions to social problems are among Corinne’s main interests. She supports socially responsible businesses and impact investing, recognizing the key role of social finance in transforming the world. Connecting with the next generation of young leaders is a rich source of learning for her in recent years.  She especially enjoys spending time in quiet, beautiful places in nature—mountains, rivers, oceans, and deserts.


For more information, contact me at [email protected] or go to The Center for Visionary Leadership; www.visionarylead.org;www.thepracticalvisionary.org


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