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We Are Live The Future Now

Get to know the people involved

Gordon Asher Davidson / President and Co-founder

Gordon Asher Davidson has a long career of active leadership in social change institutions and movements, while simultaneously pursuing a deep, inner meditative life culminating in his book, The Transfiguration of Our World: How a Light Alliance Is Transforming Darkness and Creating a New Earth. His experience includes co-authoring with his wife, Corinne McLaughlin, The Practical Visionary and Spiritual Politics(forward by the Dalai Lama); co-founding Sirius, a spiritual/environmental community; serving as founding director of the Social Investment Forum; founding and co-directing a Washington D.C. institute, the Center for Visionary Leadership; and offering many clients worldwide deep spiritual guidance and transformational consulting for over 20 years.

Corinne McLaughlin / Co-founder and Executive Director

Corinne McLaughlin is co-author with her husband Gordon Davidson of The Practical Visionary, Spiritual Politics and Builders of the Dawn and is director of The Center for Visionary Leadership in the San Francisco area. She has been teaching courses on meditation, leadership, and spiritual development for over 30 years around the world. She directed a national task force for President Clinton’s Council on Sustainable Development and is co-founder of Sirius Community, a spiritual/environmental center in Massachusetts.  Corinne is a Fellow of The World Business Academy and the Findhorn Foundation and a member of the Transformational Leadership Council.

Ginger Young / Director of Operations

Ginger Young is Director of Operations for The Center for Visionary Leadership. She believes in celebrating life and honoring the unique contribution that each man, woman and child can make to the betterment and upliftment of the human family. She is passionate about conscious and joyful parenting and the incredible gifts that children offer to the world. Ginger is a spiritual development coach and educator and is co-owner of the consulting group, The Firebird Group.


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"I am a Manhattan psychiatrist in private practice for the last 38 years, with currently over 450 clients. After one session with Gordon Davidson, I learned more about myself and made more real changes in myself than I had in all 15 years of intensive psychoanalysis! My subsequent sessions with Gordon have been full of learning about my close inner and outer family members from my past and present. His method to help a client is so on target that I have begun to do similar work with my patients. Gordon is brilliant, and is especially intuitive, perceptive, realistic, caring, and thoughtful. I have never worked with or seen a finer therapist. I can't praise him enough. Anyone working in the field of psychology will benefit tremendously from working with him and his Joyful Evolution process.”"

Leslie Seiden, M.D.

""An inspiring and positive vision which reveals what's really going on today behind the scenes, and how we can integrate new spiritual approaches to create the future we all long for in our hearts.""

John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars

""Finally, a view of world events that reveals what's going on in our world behind the scenes! The Transfiguration of Our World helps us make sense of current upheavals, placing them within a vision of a world moving into a higher level of consciousness and being. He shows there are spiritual beings supporting and guiding human evolution, a clear plan for how this is unfolding, and an active alliance of human and higher forces working together to transform the darkness in our world into a lighted civilization. Anyone who wants to know what's going on in the world today should read this book!""

Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author

""After considering the information in Gordon's book, The Transfiguration of Our World, when I wake up in the morning and hold this belief and knowing that I am part of a vast community of light helping create a transformation on our world, I feel deeply inspired. This is a completely different view of reality, and I think it is very important that everyone who is interested in the future of our planet read this book, which I will be sharing in my courses and recommending to people who are interested.""

Barbara Marx Hubbard, author of Conscious Evolution

"Corinne and Gordon write from a core of deep spiritual knowledge, practical experience and love, enabling their collective wisdom to speak to each one of us, so that all may have access to it, to connect with it, and live out our higher purpose in helping to transform our world into a better place. They aptly convey how there is no difference between inner, spiritual change and outer, social change. We are gently implored to invoke our souls, or higher selves, and become more aligned with the very thing we are each meant to do. We are shown how taking the spiritual journey to explore and take action - to create change, from the deeper meaning that we will find or rediscover, is achievable for all members of society and ages, regardless of background. For the first time in such a book, special credit is given to Gen Y as seers and doers in reframing a workable world. The Practical Visionary is a book that everyone should read."

Norma LaRosa

"I found Corinne and Gordon's inspiring new work to be a terrific user's manual for navigating in the polarizing old world we face to today. Not only was I left with great hope for the future but am using the many practical exercises to move through the portal into the New World. I found the "practices" and creative meditations for visioning, invoking my soul and using chakras to manifest my vision to be especially useful. I have purchased numerous copies to pass on to friends."

Michael Horst

"Instead of sighting problems in our society this author makes suggestions and writes about ideas to be used toward solutions."

Donna Johnson

"The Practical Visionary offers overwhelming proof that every social problem you can name is being addressed by some person or group. There are entire chapters stuffed with resources. It does the soul good to see so much being done in the world to move us forward to unity. In a time when the mainstream media rarely nods in the direction of the good deeds people are doing, seeing all this evidence for the positive is wonderful. None of this is to say you or I are off the hook. We can't let others solve all the problems we see. We have work to do. But the best way to do it is to align with your connection to the Universe and do what's right for you. As you do what you are called to do, you become The Practical Visionary. Besides all the resources, wisdom, and optimism in the book, another reason I love it are the meditations in it. Early on there is a vivid one about pretending to turn an inner knob to raise the vibration of your energy until it matches that of Spirit. I was a little tired as I began the meditation, but just imagining playing with an inner frequency dial that raised my energy actually did raise it. Nice. The Practical Visionary reveals eight keys for transforming yourself and the world. It's not an either-or approach. As you work on yourself, you work on the world; as you work on the world, you work on yourself. The Practical Visionary is a mind-expanding and soul-enriching book that helps move you into a new paradigm. You might even call it The Abundance Paradigm. 🙂 There are some statements in the book that make you sit bolt upright and take notice, such as: "To progress spiritually, you shouldn't just go with the flow of whatever is happening, as some people mistakenly advise, as some flows of energy are good and some are harmful." And - "On a deeper, metaphysical level money is concretized energy or prana (life force)." And - "Schedule your activities. While planning is an intention, scheduling is a commitment." There's so much more in The Practical Visionary that I just want to keep writing about it. But instead of reading this review, go read the book. I love this book and suggest you read it, share it, and act on it. It's at Amazon, in book stores, and available from the publisher: Unity. Remember, The Practical Visionary is you."

Joe Vitale

"Corinne and Gordon lay out for those who may be first coming to this conversation about how to connect into the amazing myriad of initiatives that are part of the emerging new world. It is powerful to read this all in one place, coming from a perspective of having been connected into this world for so many years. The context they articulate for this time and perspective of how to be "with it all" is well articulated and is an excellent synthesis of so many aspects of being alive at this time on earth. They capture the many questions we all have as we observe the current situation in our country and globally. This book inspires both just awakening and already awakened humans to new levels in their awareness of and commitment to global transformation."

Joanne Brem

"Practical visionaries Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson offer the most inspiring, comprehensive and practical guide to spiritual growth and social change yet written. This remarkable book includes everything from practical tools to help us clarify our vision and chart our own path, guided mediations that can help us deepen spiritually, examples of innovative solutions that highlight what is possible, different ways that practical visionaries transform problems into creative solutions, and much more. The book gives us a wider sense of what is possible and offers hope for the future - so important in these times. The book inspires, and even challenges, us to find our part in creating the kind of society we wish to see, offering the tools to make our own vision a reality. Bravo!"

Kimberely Weichel

"I have read so many spiritual development books over the years, that now I generally skim for the good parts. So I was taken by surprise to find, when I picked up "The Practical Visionary," that I was drawn into actually reading the whole book. In fact, I ended up underlining and making !!!s in the margin more than any book I've read in years. Corinne and Gordon actually share the practical, spiritual approach to life that they live. It feels do-able and effective, yet not overwhelming. I especially needed this book right now because I have been torn lately - between being pulled among so many possibilities for making a difference in the world, or giving up because of the enormity of the challenges we are facing. This book left me hoping again - based on facts, not just probabilities. I truly got that there IS a new world growing right in the midst of the old! The authors detail eight keys to spiritual growth and social change. Each one held a special gift for me. Corinne and Gordon have a deep understanding of the shift that is taking place in the human race, and that can also unfold in each one of us personally. They powerfully address both."

Rev. Pat Palmer



"I am finding this to be a very rich and learned reference work with so much to teach. I am widely read in the field of Eastern and Western spirituality and philosophy, yest this is one book that I've gained new knowledge and insights from. It stands head and shoulders above 95% of the other books of this genre, reflecting the authors' extensive knowledge including some interesting insights into lesser-known belief systems. The books includes an excellent index and bibliography. The writing and layout is if the highest quality which makes this book very readable indeed. This is one book I will not be letting go of!"


"It's ridiculous to think that spirituality doesn't play some roll in the political arena. From the time of the founding fathers to modern day, spirituality has and does influence views and decisions within government decisions every day. This book is an excellent introduction with well researched information into how Spirituality has affected laws and policies, how you can participate to make change for the future, and gives wonderful insight into little known historical facts. A must read for every student of government."

Spring Wolf, D.D.; Ph. D.

"This is a highly unusual look at world politics that is both quite down to earth and highly metaphysical at times. It looks at the political landscape from a point of view of personal responsibility and individual place in the "body politic" but also provides insight into each nation's "personality" and role in world politics. Its a fascinating, curious and sometimes macabre view into world politics."

Amazon Review

"Spiritual Politics is an excellent book for those that want to be connected to making a better world based on their own spiritual practices. The authors offer a vision of inter-connectedness between all religions and cultures and attempt to show that enligtened beings have, and are now, guiding human affairs. The book includes a listing of resources and offers advice about what you can do now."

Rick Matthews

"“A fascinating and involving study of the cosmic, karmic and etheric dimensions of politics, world affairs and current events… Information-intensive and chock full of empowering suggestions, intriguing stories and uplifting examples of how individuals and groups can make an impact, this thought-provoking assemblage is an enriching, mind-opening book for seekers of spiritual wisdom and political solutions.”"

Publishers Weekly

"Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson are co-founders of the Sirius Community in Massachusetts, as well as former member of Scotland's Findhorn community. In 1985, they published this book they dedicated to the "builders of the dawn - the courageous pioneers of the new communities who are inspiring us with visions of a positive future for humanity." However, they note that "This book appeals to a wider audience than those living in an intentional community ro contemplating joining or creating one, for it is about much more than just community living. Specifically, it is about the power we all have, whether we express it through a community or not, to envision the future we want for ourselves and for humanity and to make a positive contribution to the emergence of that future." The authors lament that "Information on today's communities is lacking even in books with comprehensive overviews of the new consciousness today, such as The Aquarian Conspiracy: Personal and Social Transformation in Our Time and Networking, the First Report and Directory. Today's communities are a very well-kept secret!" There is a wealth of fascinating information contained herein, such as: "The majority of community members today are in their late twenties to mid-forties..." "New patterns of male/female relationships are being tested and experimented with in communities." "most communities today do not refer to themselves as 'utopian.' Instead they prefer to call themselves 'new age communities,' 'earth communities,' or 'planetary villages.' "Many people drawn to communities tend to be the 'workaholic' types." "Unlike communities of the 1800s, nearly all modern commmunities use some kind of psychological techniques, such as gestalt or psychosynthesis." Numerous examples from real-life communities (e.g., Twin Oaks, Ananda, The Farm, Esalen, etc.) are included as well. Combine this book with books like Seeds of Tomorrow: Communities That Work and the current Communities Directory: A Guide to Intentional Communities and Cooperative Living (Communities Directory), and it's even more valuable!"

Steven H. Propp

"This is a well-designed work, in that it balances breadth with depth. As a result, you can learn a lot from the history of many different attempts at co-housing. I found that it was a nice complement to "Voices from the Farm" which gave a more in-depth picture of the human experience at a co-op. This book gives a better picture of the impacts of different structural decisions on a co-op's functioning."

Sudo Nimh

""Gordon's work is very relevant and deeply inspiring because it deals with one of the most important issues in relation to spiritual development: how do we change our biological and emotional past into a co-creative partner for the future. As a trained psychosynthesis psychotherapist with an MA in Psychosynthesis, for several years I have looked for the most comprehensive way to transform all subconscious influences to create an unimpeded flow from the Soul through the personality. Gordon Davidson’s approach is both visionary and practical, and will show you in detail how to do that by fully embracing and radically loving your subconscious into its higher frequencies. My guess is that it is exactly through the quality of love, which flows so powerfully through Gordon's work– the empathic understanding of all the subconscious beings, and linking them with the love of the conscious self and the soul - that makes Gordon's work so powerful. It surely had that impact on me.”"

Kenneth Sørensen, Psychotherapist

"“Joyful Evolution is a true revolution in the field of psycho-spiritual development, enabling awareness and growth that is unparalleled. Gordon’s philosophy, processes, and skill have no less than shattered what I believed to be possible in the realm of growth work. In particular, Gordon’s paradigms and capacity to work on multiple levels have resulted in a permanent transformation of my being far beyond what I previously thought was possible. What I have experienced with Gordon is a level of empowerment and capacity for my being to transform in a permanent fashion to serve my soul’s deepest purpose, expand my personal power, and to gain a fundamental alignment of all aspects of myself with the energy of the universe. I truly believe that Gordon’s combination of realization, awareness, and skill place him in an extremely rare category of teacher and healer who holds the key for the next level of transformation. I encourage everyone who is longing to live their deepest possible lives to experience Gordon's Joyful Evolution consulting and receive this amazing gift!”"

John, Co-Owner Executive Development Company

"“For decades, I've been engaged in all kinds of deep healing work. Rarely has there been a process that has effectively addressed all the levels simultaneously - psychological, emotional, spiritual and energetic. Gordon Davidson's work is nothing short of astonishing. Joyful Evolution consulting speaks to accessing our capacity to integrate and heal the complex and sometimes mysterious forces, personas, assembled belief systems, and pure magic that make up what a human being is... and more importantly, what and who we can become. I personally can say that without the gentle guidance, powerful presence and processes that Gordon has offered to me, I would not be as grateful, present, or resourceful as I am today. As we all seek ways to "become the change we wish to see in the world", Gordon's Joyful Evolution consulting represents a quantum leap in the field of transformational processes, one that can offer profound benefits during these challenging and remarkable times.”"

Gary Malkin, Emmy award-winning composer/ producer

""This book filled me with Hope like nothing I've seen in a long time. Clear, insightful, full of fascinating information from behind the scenes on the world stage. The author writes about very deep metaphysical truths in a very simple, matter-of-fact way. Truly delightful ! I can imagine re-reading this often when the world seems a horrible mess. So much Light and Love flowing into this planet. Namaste""

Peter Winchelland

""I am so excited about the bonus call between Barbara and Gordon Davidson. Has anyone else listened to it yet? I was blown away! I feel I've waited so long for this message, not just of hope but of the promise of the New Earth. Thank you Barbara for bringing this to us, I have felt a real shift to a higher vibration just from listening to this truth, and have now downloaded Gordon Davidson's e-book which is proving to be equally life-changing. My deepest gratitude for this experience with you all - feeling awesome.""

Irena Popiolek

""This book sheds light on the true underlying nature of darkness on our planet and provides a strong body of evidence to back it up. It delves into concepts that many would deem controversial yet addresses them with authority. Mr.Davidson's book corroborates my own studies on these subjects and takes it several steps further to provide a deeper, more thorough explanation. By doing so, it provides real hope for our chaotic world and outlines the plan to restore the planet to light in our near future. Kudos to the author for his courage in bringing this forward.""

Dennis Owens

""In his new book "The Transfiguration of our World" Gordon tells an exciting epic story and brings a message of hope for everyone; the story of our world and mankind past, present and a bright future. It has induced in me a period of reflection to process the many insights he has revealed and to consider it's full implications and finally to see what change of course in my daily life might result. He has achieved a higher synthesis between practical and spiritual and has opened many doors for those ready to "see the light" to venture through. From the re-distribution of wealth to free energy to the galactic light alliance and the day of Revelation a clear picture is painted of our way to achieve universal harmony in our life times. The truth is within this book for all to behold. You can decide how far these truths are literal and they are profound how ever you regard them. The forces of light overcoming darkness is universal. What makes this book so rare and valuable is the functional and practical details of the epic story of all time Gordon has revealed from decades of work on many planes of existence. Also he connects the separate pieces of the epic story into the big picture like few others to make sense and light of our place in the universe. The plot of this story is beyond ET, Close Encounters and Star Wars and it is real. A profound work and an action packed thriller all in one. Bring on the sequel!""

Russell Kramer