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The State of the World Today

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Just as in the darkest days of World War II when victory seemed impossible, people carried on with the war against evil with great courage and determination. Today the war is on the subtle planes, a struggle for the hearts and minds of humanity, between the forces of division, fear and hate, and the lighted power of love, human unity and the Spiritual Powers supporting the evolution of all life on earth.


Just as in the previous war, help is being poured forth to humanity, this time to overcome hatred with love, using human solidarity and oneness to vanquish fear and separation, and by standing on the side of expanding inclusion to move forward with the momentum of evolution.


Nothing can hold back this endless expansion in humanity’s recognition of love as the foundational matrix within which all lives and forms exist. Its presence is seen in the smile and radiance of a child, the blessing of flowers and the play of animals, and a love that encircles the earth with inner and outer caring and support for all on earth.


The fact that this circulation of lighted energies is not complete shows us what remains to be achieved, and completed it will be. The infusion of the radiance of love into every atom and dimension of the Earth is the will and intention of the Solar Lord, the Seven Solar Systems, Gaia herself, and as well as the spiritual Masters, legions of Angels and the Galactic civilizations.


These civilizations are surrounding and supporting humanity’s liberation and the unfoldment of earth, combined with the intention and focus of the civilizations at the center of the earth  — Agartha and Telos — every nature being, and the Mother of the World, who holds every living system and being of earth in her loving embrace. This alignment has been made on all levels and all beings now support this solar decree:


“The time has come for Earth and humanity to be free of all darkness and move into its lighted destiny as a sacred planet. All are aligning with the great, ever flowing love from the Seven Solar Lords and the Grand Heavenly Being who contains and guides them. Nothing on Earth nor in any dimension can stand against this vast alignment of energies and the fulfillment of Earth’s higher destiny and the destiny of all planets within these seven solar systems.  On this you can rely!

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