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The Impact of Higher Energies on Relationships

  |   Creating the New World, Energy, Gordon Asher Davidson, Spiritual Development   |   1 Comment

The current situation on our planet Earth, with the intensification of higher spiritual love, light and alignment with the unfolding purpose of our planet and solar system is placing a tremendous pressure on all lives on earth. We see it reflected in the earthquakes that are presently occurring around the world, in the increase in erratic and violent behavior, the difficulty in holding together financial and political systems that are out of alignment with the higher Plan for our world, and in many other ways.


Of course this also manifests in human relationships, where people who may have been able to function in a quasi-socially acceptable manner for most of their lives are now facing huge reservoirs of unresolved emotions and attitudes being surfaced by the pressure of all the light energy pouring into our planet. This can create uncontrollable explosions of anger, hatred and violence, and self-destructive behaviors in general, or depression if it is repressed. People we may have known for long periods suddenly may begin to become more and more difficult to relate to because of these patterns emerging.


When each of us goes through a process of purification, changing your thought patterns and emotions and raising your energetic frequency to a higher level, this can cause difficulty for those around you. When you are in a higher frequency energy, your very presence can become irritating and/or further intensify the struggle other people are having with handling their unresolved subconscious issues and energies. You then become a catalyst stimulating even more intense reactions within them.


In addition, your progress may be disturbing to them as it reminds them that they are still mired in lower states of consciousness and energy. They may be envious, or angry that you seem to be more joyful, changing or distancing yourself from them. They may try to bring you back to where you have been in the past and have you re-inhabit states of consciousness you have been in previously with them.


They also can be conflicted between wanting you to help lift them up, and being frustrated, critical and judgmental of you for not being the way you have always been. All this is a very complex psychological situation, but the end result is that people’s negative energies can be unleashed at you at any time for all these, as well as other kinds of internal psychodynamics.


So the question is, What is the appropriate spiritual stance to these types of situations? We all feel compassion for those stuck in these lower states of consciousness and would like to help them. The question is how can we best do this? As is often stated, we first have to learn to love ourselves and learn how to maintain our consciousness in the highest state we can. If being with someone is consistently dragging you down and you do not have the capacity to maintain your higher center in that process, then the best thing for you and for that person is to create an appropriate distance and strengthen your own contact with your inner soul light and love.


It is also important to realize that by allowing a person to discharge their negative energies on you, you are enabling them to continue this behavior as an acceptable way of relating. By withdrawing from that situation and explaining exactly why, you are sending a very powerful message that the person will likely be considering for quite some time. This could ultimately lead them to begin the process of their own inner self transformation.


Another relevant spiritual principle is that everyone is responsible for themselves and their own state of consciousness and spiritual growth. We can only offer help and advice, and it is completely up to their free will to decide what, if anything, they will do with your suggestions.


It is a very important spiritual lesson to learn wisdom in giving exactly what is needed, or not saying anything at all. When there is a drain on your energy, and there is not currently a possibility of your assistance creating a real change, it is best to withdraw and allow the individual to go through their own further inner growth process. This certainly can be painful and difficult because of the love, familiarity and attachments you may have with this person, but it is important to understand this as a loving response to them. And it also is liberating you to serve and develop relationships at a higher level.


In my view, the most useful roles we can fulfill are finding your higher purpose and work, and using all of your unique gifts and capacities that contribute to the vision of the New World we are moving into. This will naturally bring you into contact with people who share that vision and frequency, and your life will move into more joyful and creative channels. There you will find much new life energy and enthusiasm for contributing to this extraordinary Transfiguration process we are all helping to bring about on our planet.


by Gordon Asher Davidson

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