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Being a Light Worker

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What is a light worker?  A light worker is someone who is in touch with their soul or higher self, who is dedicated to being of service in the world in some way, and who is working consciously to spread spiritual light. This light is a more refined type of energy with a higher frequency or vibration than ordinary physical light. It brings inspiration, healing and transfiguration, and it strengthens those who are open to receiving it. In these dark and challenging times in our world, each of us can recognize that we are a source of light which is needed by humanity.


How can you radiate more light into the world?  Here are some key steps:


  1. Begin with a clear intention to spread spiritual light.
  2. Feel your feet grounded on the earth, grounding and stabilizing you.
  3. Take a few deep breaths and exhale any fears or negative feelings you might have.
  4. Invite the light of your soul or higher self to pour through your crown center at the top of your head and see it filling your whole being with light.
  5. See the light anchored in your heart; breathe in and see the light expand with each  breath, filling your conscious and subconscious minds.
  6. Exhale and see your breath as a carrier of light radiating from your throat center.
  7. Breathe in again and see the light flowing into your hands; exhale, radiating light into the world as healing energy from your palms.
  8. Breathe in and visualize light streaming from your brow center in the middle of your forehead; direct this light to where it is most needed to illuminate and transform darkness in the world.
  9. See the light surrounding and filling all those leaders who are working to create a better world, and see the light energizing a vast network of light workers around the world.
  10. See yourself as part of this network of light and feel supported and strengthened by it; exhale and slowly bring your awareness back to your body and into the room where you are sitting.


© 2016 Corinne McLaughlin

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