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The Deeper Significance of Standing Rock

  |   Gordon Asher Davidson, Inner Side, Nature   |   No comment


Standing Rock is a focal point for those souls who have karma to resolve in relationship to the native peoples of North America. Their souls have brought them to Standing Rock to stand as a bulwark against the mindless exploitation and destruction of the natural beauty of earth. The hardships they are enduring allows the release of some of their karma, which they have consciously or subconsciously chosen to accomplish at this time.


The native peoples, because of their potent relationship to the earth elements and devic life are sensitized and activated by the stress of Mother Earth and the Divine Mother. Their courage and determination are a symbol and example of what will be required of all lighted workers in the times ahead. It is establishing an archetype of what it means to stand for the light, for protection of the earth, in solidarity with all people who have this love and caring within their hearts.


They are touching the hearts and souls of people all over the world who are supporting them with prayers, meditations, love and money. It is anchoring a powerful archetype in modern times for putting your life and entire being on the line in support of the good, right and true.


The members of the military present there who asked for forgiveness from the native people for all the atrocities against them through history made a very powerful statement which resonates in the heart of all lighted beings, bringing light and redemption to the horrific hidden history of America.


It is a precursor to the worldwide forgiveness that will arise with the Day of Revelation as humanity awakens to the spiritual fact that we are all One, and one with all life, and any injury done to any part of the beautiful woven fabric of life requires atonement and forgiveness.


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