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Meditation on Live the Future Now

  |   Corinne McLaughlin, Future, Live the Future Now Homepage, Meditation and Spiritual Practices, Spiritual Development   |   1 Comment

Step back from everything in your life and simply become a detached observer of what you are about to perceive in this meditation. Just notice what images spontaneously emerge, without any having emotional reactions or judgments about them.


Begin this meditation by relaxing and taking a few deep breaths to center yourself in your heart. Align with your higher self or soul, asking for its guidance and protection.


Become aware that the “future” can be anything beyond the present—it can be the next moment, the next year, ten years from now, etc.


Now reflect on what comes to mind when you think of your own short term future (e.g. next month or next year). Notice any pictures, feelings or thoughts that arise.  Take another deep breath and let this all go.


Now reflect on what comes to mind when you think of your own longer term future—(e.g. 5 or 10 or 20 years from now).  Again take a deep breath and let this all go.


Reflect on what might be coloring your view of your future.  Do you notice any fears related to your health or your money, for example?  Become aware of what might be stimulating this.


Love and embrace these fears, and know they are only parts of your subconscious–they are not all of you.  You also have tremendous support from your higher self or soul that can help you dialogue with these fearful parts and together create a more effective strategy for safety and security.  So acknowledge all this, but take another deep breath and release it for now.


Now reflect on our collective future, first in the short term—next month or next year. Then reflect on our long-term future, 5, 10 or 20 years from now. Again notice any fears and embrace them, but take a deep breath and then put these fears  aside for now.


Instead, focus on your most desirable future, both personally and collectively. Let your imagination soar.  Know that it is your God-given right to use your creative power–to shape your own chosen future and to contribute to a positive shared future for all of us.


So stand in your most desirable future, both personally and collectively, and watch events from the present unfold towards where you stand.


See energy, people and resources being magnetized to where you stand with others in this positive future. Notice each choice, each specific step, that you take in great detail, until the energy contained in your vision is fully present in your consciousness as that intended future. You are thus creating what physicists call “echo waves” from the future–an energetic pathway for your best future to unfold exactly as you imagine it.


Now ask your future self, your soul, that is already living in this future reality, to guide and assist you.


See vast numbers of people also standing in this positive future and thus creating a better world for all of us.


Stay within the inspiration and uplifting energy of this experience as long as you like, and then slowly, when you’re ready, bring your awareness back to the room where you’re sitting, take a few deep breaths, and make some notes if you like.



© 2015 Corinne McLaughlin

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