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Decolonizing Our Imagination To Be an Instrument of Light

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One of the emerging revelations in human consciousness is recognizing our true power as creative beings when we are truly in touch with our Divine nature. From this deep, inner, lighted and loving center within, we are learning that we can each create our lives and the life of the world as we choose.


In truth, the world we experience today is a world that is being created out of the collective imagination, thoughts, emotions and actions of humanity. Many different levels of consciousness are creating experiences in many different dimensions and frequencies. This becomes evident in observing the vast diversity in what people are experiencing, in many cases based on their karma from thoughts, emotions and actions they have to put in motion in the past, even from previous lives.


Our imagination is a synthetic faculty because it combines the mind with the feeling/image making abilities of the heart and desire body. Personal imagination is focused on desires we want to satisfy. Higher imagination creates images of ideals, ways of living and being that are filled with spirit and love.


Our imaginations, both individual and collective, are the seed beds of action, the fertile ground where an image planted in our consciousness can grow into actions — either harmful or benevolent. The image of a drowned Syrian child washing up on a beach in Greece triggered a positive wave of compassion by many Europeans. The images of buildings being taken down on 9/11 launched a series of fear based actions with consequences for our entire world.


Our goal as conscious light workers is to understand the power of these images seeded in our consciousness and the world’s, and not allow our minds and hearts to be colonized by those images we do not wish to hold and contemplate. We must be ever vigilant to guard our energies and light so it is not exploited and turned towards something to be against, as with the current attempt to manipulate people into hate and anti-Muslim or anti-Christian attitudes and actions directed against any specific group.


Colonization is defined as “sending a group of settlers to a place to establish control over it.” The colonization of our imagination is exactly this, the deliberate effort by the dark forces who seek to control humanity to fill our imaginations and subconscious with dark images of violence, hate and evil doing, for the purpose of maintaining control over us.


By keeping us focused on these very low frequency projections, which can make us feel depressed, hopeless and separate from each other, we can be more easily manipulated. The dark forces also try to keep our powerful imaginative faculty focused on material objects or conditions which hold an empty promise of happiness, and only provide brief moments of satisfaction, leaving us empty and unfulfilled.


Those with negatively colonized imaginations are never lifted into a vision of higher ideals or states of consciousness, but remain trapped in the perpetual search for satisfaction in the material world.


We each need to discover what images influence our thoughts and actions. We need to root out and neutralize all negative, harmful images by recognizing their source in low-frequency dimensions, and replace them with positive ones illustrating the fundamental goodness, kindness and essential spiritual nature of human beings.


We can remove images that have colonized us like proliferating bacteria, and cleanse our imagination with violet light, radiating away all lower images of separation, violence and evil doing. We can then replace them with positive images of true heroes of humanity. Their qualities can be strength in the face of evil, seeing a higher vision of what can be, and using our gifts and abilities to uplift and inspire humanity to live better lives and overcome separation with love. Some examples of heroes are Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama, Pope Francis, Jane Goodall, Aung San Suu Kyi, and many, many others in all fields.


When our imagination begins to come under the influence of our soul, it brings the wisdom that lasting fulfillment will come with the experience of higher states of freedom, creativity, love and giving. This fills our being with joy and the light and power of Spirit. Our imagination then begins to hold pictures of a higher state of being for ourselves and all life, recognizing there is essentially no separation between our own joy and fulfillment and that of every being on earth.


We can focus on using our imagination as a finely honed instrument to visualize positive, lighted energies from higher spiritual levels flowing around and through humanity and our planet, supporting and uplifting all people and nations. We can use it to imagine a world where all people are living in harmony and joy, and the purpose of life is to create a loving and supportive world for all life on earth, where each can fulfill their highest spiritual potentials.


We then are able to create positive images of ourselves as spiritual beings living in bodies, doing our best to make a contribution to raising the frequency of the world. We can create an image of the lighted beautiful world we want to live in for ourselves, our children and all humanity, and live as fully as possible in that world, so our imagination becomes an instrument of light.


So the next time you find yourself in the endless barrage of harsh, dark images attempting to fill your imagination, remain awake to the fact that it is an attempt to colonize and control your consciousness. You can refuse to grant these images entrance, and instead call up images of beauty in nature, heroic and spiritual people you know, and all the radiant pictures that inspire love and joy in your being.

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