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A Special Meditation on Collaborating with the Light Alliance

  |   Corinne McLaughlin, Creating the New World, Energy, Future, Galactics, Spiritual Development   |   No comment

A Special Meditation on Collaborating with the Light Alliance

The Light Alliance is a network of all those on earth and beyond who are dedicated to creating a positive future for humanity: 


  1.  Affirm your intention to collaborate with the Light Alliance and with a benevolent universe.
  2. Enter the silence of your heart and into the all-pervading Matrix of Love.
  3. Invite the Light Alliance into your heart and align with the higher Plan of Light for our planet.
  4. Visualize the energy in your solar plexus rising up to your heart and then to the top of your head.
  5. Raise your frequency higher into greater light by imagining that you are turning up an inner control dial that adjusts your vibrations; feel yourself expand, with light filling your whole being.
  6. As a multi-dimensional being who lives in the past, present and future simultaneously, align with your future self, your soul that already lives in a positive future.
  7. Visualize this positive future as clearly as possible, and see yourself living in this future; feel what it’s like; see what you’re doing and who you are with.
  8. Ask your future self how you can more fully contribute your special gifts and talents to the Plan of Light for this positive future.
  9. See yourself making this contribution, visualizing it in as much detail as possible and activate your spiritual will for the highest good.
  10. See yourself working with others as part of a vast network of Light– the Light Alliance, which includes both humans and galactics—and experience this Alliance supporting you and transforming you.
  11. See clearly what are your next steps to put this positive vision into action—tomorrow, next week, etc.
  12. Keep energizing a vision of the new world and support its emergence everywhere, sharing this vision with all who are open to it.


By Corinne McLaughlin

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