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Live the Future Now: Insights from the New Physics

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Now, at this very moment, you can create the future you’d like by the power of your own thoughts and intentions. You can live your chosen future now by standing in your chosen future and seeing your present life unfolding toward this future.  And we can all collectively live a more positive future now by our collective thoughts and intentions.


A ground-breaking experiment by scientist Andrew Truscott and others at Australian National University and reported in Science magazine (June 3, 2015) proved that the past can be affected by the future.  (For the full article on the study, go to: http://www.digitaljournal.com/science/experiment-shows-future-events-decide-what-happens-in-the-past/article/434829#ixzz3hQVpsIsc )


Amit Goswami, a friend of ours who is a professor of Physics at the University of Oregon, noted in his book The Self-Aware Universe, that time can be observed as a two way street in the transcendent domain. It’s not a unidirectional flow (which is sometimes called Time’s Arrow).


Goswami says that when consciousness contracts or collapses, the wave function of the brain-mind (as distinct from the particle function), manifests the subjective one-way time that we commonly observe.


The past seems to create the present, which then creates the future. But as your consciousness expands, rather than a one way flow of time, you see time as spherical, and past, present and future all impacting each other. You experience multi-dimensionality, where all time and space become one. This is cosmic time.


Quantum physicists have discovered that quantum waves, such as our thoughts and feelings, work not only spatially but also temporally. They don’t just affect space, they also affect time.


Quantum waves that are communicated from the present toward the future are called by some scientists “normal quantum waves” or “offer waves,” meaning some offer is being made towards a possible future.


But there are also energy waves called “complex conjugate complex waves” or “echo waves” that are communicated from the future to the past. When an offer wave from the present meets a matching echo wave from the future, one of them will shape the other and create an “event probability,” according to Jorg Starkmuth in The Making of Reality: How Consciousness Creates the World.


In his book, Parallel Universes, physicist Fred Alan Wolf says, “Every act of conscious awareness sends out both a wave toward the future and a wave toward the past….If a person’s waves from the present and their waves from the future match in the sense that the modulation produces a combined wave of some strength and there is a [meaningful] resonance,… then a real future is created from the present point of view and a real memory of sequences is created in their future.”


Wolf says, “The closer in time that the sources of these waves are, the more likely that the two counter time quantum wave steams will ‘marry’ and produce a strong probability… of becoming real…What we call ‘now’ moments are those clashes of waves that are ‘in tune’ with each other and have the greatest strengths.”


Your current level of consciousness determines the range of possible events in your near future—but it has less impact on the distant future, according to Pierre Franckh in a recent article on Can We Create a New Future?


You can be influenced by many echo waves from the future—offering many different possibilities. Every possible future sends its echo signals back and these meet the offer waves that you’ve sent from your present and past. Their meeting creates your present reality.


So how do you apply the latest discoveries in quantum physics in your own life to create a better future for yourself?  How do you live your preferred future now?


First, clarify your intention for your preferred future and put it in the form of a positive affirmation, such as “I’m radiantly healthy and financially abundant.”


The next step is to visualize yourself standing in the sacred center of Kairos, which is the eternal present, and then gather mental, emotional and vital energy.  Pause a moment to really experience the amazing spiritual energy available in this sacred center, where all time is present and anything is possible.


Then project a clear time line or spiral into the future. You do this by visualizing yourself traveling along this time line or spiral towards a very clear image of the future that you intend. You see energy focalizing into a clear, definite future that you intend. See yourself in this future and experience how you feel being there—the excitement and inspiration.


Once you have arrived at this future and are standing within it, you can look back and observe the flow of time along the time spiral and observe the choices– the steps and stages you have gone through to reach your intended future.


You can look back and watch the process unfolding step-by-step, day by day, towards where you are standing in the future, seeing the specific steps and stages you have gone through, until the energy contained in your original intention is fully present in your consciousness as that intended future. You hold it as if it has already happened, and you stand in that future and allow the unfoldment to move toward you.


For example, if your future time spiral is a vision, one year from now, of more radiant health and energy, look back from this chosen future of more radiant health, and see the steps you took to achieve this.


You might have begun by studying and researching how to become more healthy, then the next month you added to your regular exercise program some daily walks and yoga. Then you started slowly modifying your diet to eliminate foods that were not so good for you—even though this was a challenge! Then you added daily visualizations of light and affirmations about seeing yourself very healthy with lots of energy. Then in a few months you started exploring new wholistic healing techniques, such as homeopathy and chiropractic, which were very helpful.


Once you have seen the steps that you took to reach your intended future, you continue to stand in Kairos, the eternal Now. You see energy, people and resources being magnetized to where you stand in the future. You can see from this template of unfoldment exactly which steps you need to take now, in the next few days or weeks.


Focus on each of these next steps you need to take, one by one, to create your chosen future. This gives you a map of what you can do tomorrow or next week to help create that future.  You can then review your time spiral to see how you are progressing in fulfilling that already existing future.


You can also ask your future self, your soul or superconscious, that already exists along this time spiral, to assist and guide you.


Remember that we are each creating our future moment to moment by the thoughts, feelings, actions and choices we make today. What seeds you are sowing today, especially in your relationships and your work, that will create your future?  Are these seeds positive or negative?  Commit yourself to energizing positive seeds so you can live your chosen future now.



Corinne McLaughlin is co-founder of the Center for Visionary Leadership and co-author of The Practical Visionary and Spiritual Politics. She is a Fellow of the World Business Academy and the Findhorn Foundation and a member of the Transformational Leadership Council.  (To contact her: [email protected])

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