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Receiving Help from a Benevolent Universe

  |   Corinne McLaughlin, Creating the New World, Galactics, Live the Future Now Homepage, Spiritual Development   |   No comment

Are you stressed about all the problems you’re personally facing—let alone the big crises humanity is facing, such as war, drought and global warming?


I found it really helps to recognize that we are not alone in the universe, left to struggle with our problems on our own. Help is available from many sources—primary of which is our own soul or higher self—which offer  clues and messages in our daily life– if we’re open to it.


Sometimes these soul messages are in the form of a voice seeming to whisper in your mind. Sometimes they come in the form of a book that you casually open and a particularly relevant passage jumps out at you. Sometimes it’s a message in an especially vivid dream. Guidance can also come from reading an ordinary highway billboard or bumper sticker that you happen to notice, as it seems to have a message tailored just for you.


You can study the so-called coincidences and synchronicities in your life, and see if they might be a source of guidance, such as a message in an unexpected meeting of an old friend or an offer from a stranger.


The universe also provides a reliable educational system where we learn from our mistakes and successes, and gradually improve ourselves. Often called karma or the law of cause and effect, we learn to avoid negative effects in our lives by setting only positive causes in motion in our thoughts, words and deeds. Rather than punishment, karma provides education and opportunity.


There is also help available today from many wise spiritual guides, such as masters, angels, and nature devas, which provide help to people all over the world. For example, my husband Gordon and I received spiritual guidance to start a spiritual, ecological community in Massachusetts in 1978 called Sirius, and later we were guided to start a leadership institute in Washington D.C. in 1996 which we called The Center for Visionary Leadership. We were also guided to bring together leaders of meditation groups around the world for yearly meditation gatherings on planetary healing which have been on-going for 20 years.  Many of our books and articles have also been based on inner guidance we’ve received.


Guidance may come from many levels, including our own soul or higher self. Guidance from an authentic, higher spiritual source can be recognized by its high vibration and loving wisdom, offering an insightful or unique perspective on an important issue or gently suggesting a new course of action. This type of guidance offers only gentle recommendations and never demands obedience. It is clear and inspirational, never conflicting with the ethics of the receiver, and is for the highest good of all concerned.


Messages and support from angels have been given to many people in times of need, as documented in many recent books and films. One fascinating historical account that we researched was recorded in The National Tribune by Anthony Sherman, who was with George Washington at Valley Forge. Washington was visited by an angel who warned him of three great crises of the republic, which were each eventually overcome.


Sometimes angels may appear as ordinary humans who are not recognized for who they truly are. I had an experience several years ago when I overheard some seemingly ordinary women talking at a table next to me in a restaurant. They uncannily described exactly the difficult situation I was facing with my father’s illness and my sister’s reactions, and they tried to help me understand how I could deal with the situation better. When I approached their table, they said, “Sit down. We’re all family here”—but I had never seen them before in my life and it seemed too weird for me. I wasn’t ready for this kind of extraordinary help at that time.  Later I wished I had been more open to their advice.


A friend who had been a naval officer on an American ship told me of an experience he had many years ago when they were doing some testing of nuclear weapons. He was doing the calculations for the test, and another officer came into the room and showed him an error in his calculations that would have been disastrous if he hadn’t corrected it. Later, my friend went to thank the officer, but there was no such person on the ship—even though he appeared very real and ordinary at the time.


Many people experience communication with angels or devas in their gardens (“deva” is the eastern word for “angel”). The Findhorn Foundation, a spiritual community in Scotland where I lived for many years, became famous for its work with these nature devas, who gave community members very specific useful advice for how to grow large, healthy vegetables on sandy soil in the harsh northern climate of Scotland.  This garden later became world famous. These devas have also offered advice to humans about how to better protect the earth and the environment.


Today a number of people are also communicating with the stars and other extraterrestrial life in the galaxy.  They are receiving messages visions about our future, as well as new ideas and technologies to help solve our problems on earth.


The internet is filled with fascinating accounts of people who have seen and communicated with these galactics.  Some of these seem to be fantasies, but many other others have the ring of truth.  They assure us that there is a type of Galactic Light Alliance protecting our earth and helping humanity behind the scenes today.


These messages provide a reassuring sense of hope that not only will we as humanity survive and solve our crises, but that we will engage our creativity to build a more enlightened and beneficial civilization based on compassion and collaboration.  And the good news is that this is coming soon.


The key to receiving clear guidance from any spiritual beings in the universe is to first create some quiet time for reflection, and then purify your motives and ask for the help of your higher self or soul.  You can find a wealth of wisdom inside yourself and help in connecting with the vast life in our universe!

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