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Who Is Writing Your Life Script?

  |   Gordon Asher Davidson, Live the Future Now Homepage, Spiritual Development   |   No comment

Most of us are not aware of the vast creative power we each have to create our individual and shared life experiences. Yet learning to use this power fully consciously is the key to a joyful and successful life. In truth, each of us is the script writer and director of our own life story and drama. What we think and feel about ourselves, other people and the world’s potential and future is the creative design factor of our lives. And the wonderful, all pervasive Matrix of Love is always bringing to us exactly what we hold as our life script.


What most people do not understand is that the hidden, back story behind the types of experiences we each create is a result of all that we have thought, written and lived in previous lives. This is the subtle, pervasive and very influential background to the way we experience and live out our current life drama today.


Thus, if you have been through previous life plays where you have been victimized or suffered from a trauma, the current script you are living will include either a strong victim role for yourself, or acting out everything possible to avoid being victimized again. This can include creating a role in a dominating, aggressive life posture as a form of self protection.


What is usually missing from such a current life story is another, deeper past life sub script when you caused harm to others in some way. This subterranean story will also be written into your subconscious’s version of your current life script, as the need to balance out and compensate for past harm done to others or yourself.


So if you have a sense of unworthiness, or feel that you do not deserve the good things in life, this can be the result of your subconscious guilt from these past events, and your subconscious belief you should not have them. You will find that good things constantly elude you, no matter how hard you pursue them. So the solution is to help your subconscious understand that it is time to learn the lessons from past experiences, forgive yourself and others for what occurred, and help your subconscious write a positive, creative script for your life today.


The original screenwriter, and a very important contributor to your life script is your soul or higher self. Your soul has an overall plan for your life, an unfoldment of your experience intended to maximize your growth and well being in this life experience, and make your contribution to the world in some unique way. It is oriented to developing and balancing your capacities in three primary areas: your will, your love/wisdom and your active intelligence.


Your soul’s goal is to help you cultivate and express a balance of each of these core capacities. If one of them is over or under developed, then your soul will write into your life story experiences that will help you grow into these capacities in balance with each other. Thus, if will and/or mind is well developed or overemphasized, a story to develop more loving wisdom will be written and unfolded in your life.


You may experience great love, fame, money, recognition, loss or gain,  and as you go through the lessons around these experiences, you will come to understand what is most important for joy in life. This is learning that loving yourself and all those around you and giving to others with clear purpose and intelligence is the key to joy in life.


The actual writer and central director of the creation you call your life is you, the conscious self. You are the chief creative scriptwriter of your life, with your subconscious and superconscious soul contributing their ideas to the life story you create and live out.


You have the choice to include the imprints of your soul and harness the power of your subconscious drives in creating a beautiful life story. Often people do not do this consciously, which means they don’t consult their soul and include its script ideas, so their subconscious script becomes their default life story, the one they ultimately create and live out, instead of a consciously chosen one.


You can create a drama such as of “I must rule,” or “I am not worthy of having a good life,” or “I can’t create anything, because outside forces are too powerful,” or “I’ll have vast money so I will prove I’m worthy and will be loved and safe,” or thousands of other possible scripts. All of these are not really true and your subconscious needs to be educated to understand that it is holding these stories as truth, when in fact they are not real. You can then begin to help your subconscious to rewrite these as a positive, creative script that contributes to the life you want to live.


And when all three contributors to your life script – your conscious, subconscious, and superconscious selves — all agree on a unifying theme and focus for your life, they can together write and direct a unified story of your joyful life. This can be a life where you are contributing all your skills and capacities to making the world a better place in whatever way you feel passionate about. You will then be actually leading the life you’ve always imagined and dreamed about.


copyright 2015 Gordon Asher Davidson 

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