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Meditation on the Mystery of Time

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Let’s begin an exploration of the mystery of time by taking a few deep breaths, breathing in the peace and stillness of the present moment.


Exhale your thoughts about the past, and then exhale your plans for the future.  Just be fully present in this moment.


Feel your connection to all of life, and to your love of life. Feel your connection to the earth beneath your feet and to the stars above you, radiating you with their light.


Step back from your usual perspective of the flow of events in time, and become a more mindful observer of your relationship to time.


Take another deep breath and affirm that you’d like to make time your friend, your ally, so you are more aware of your use of time. Become more aware of your deeper, timeless essence, at the center of your being in your heart.


Affirm that you have all the time you need to accomplish what you really need to do, and trust that this is so.


Take another deep breath and rise above restricting time limitations to see an endless universe of possibilities.


Expand linear time so you can enter the spherical, timeless realm of Kairos. Enter sacred time, miracle time, where anything is possible, and you can consciously create the reality you’d like to experience in your life.


Experience the deep silence of Kairos. (Pause)


Listen carefully and you’ll hear the whisper of the future, your future self, embodying your highest potential. What is your future self telling you?


What are the next steps you need to take to create this future?


Now, remembering all that you’ve experienced, bring your attention back to your body, back into linear time.


Feel your feet planted firmly on the earth, and again take a few deep breaths. Make a few notes if you’d like to remember this experience.



© 2014 by Corinne McLaughlin

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