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Our Brothers and Sisters in the Cosmos

  |   Corinne McLaughlin, Galactics, Live the Future Now Homepage, Transfiguration of Our World Articles   |   1 Comment

Isn’t it time we recognize that our interconnection with all life also includes life beyond our planet? Can we honor our brothers and sisters in the cosmos–as well as humanity and the nature kingdoms here on earth? We’re not alone floating through space on our little planet. There’s a vast and wondrous universe teeming with extraterrestrial life forms all around us.


We began talking about cooperation with nature spirits over 35 years ago at our spiritual community, Sirius, in Massachusetts, at a time when mostly only Native peoples honored them. We were on the cutting edge in 1978, but now thousands of people around the world experience nature spirits, angels, and other non-physical beings.


So now we think it’s time to talk about cooperation with galactic life—extraterrestrials. But because these “galactics” are more physical than nature spirits or angels, they tend to be more threatening to the darker, ruling powers who control most of the financial, media, and political institutions of our world. The darker powers know that the galactics are actually more powerful than they are.


Hence their major campaign to dismiss the reality of galactics and discredit anyone who publicly promotes them. For decades, the ruling dark powers have been conditioning humanity to fear galactic aliens by funding major movies and TV shows featuring scary, invading aliens.


But in reality, the galactics now visiting the earth and communicating with thousands of humans are benevolent. These galactics are part of a Light Alliance that is supporting the many human efforts to create a new and more positive civilization, with innovative solutions to our problems. They are also cooperating with the many protectors of earth, the angels and Masters honored in every spiritual tradition. Slowly, more and more world leaders, celebrities and governments are hinting at the reality of our cosmic visitors.


You can confirm all this for yourself by taking this question into deep meditation and listening to your heart. You’ll find tremendous joy and inspiration in recognizing the powerful, loving support of our cosmic brothers and sisters that have been with us for a very long time.

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