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How to Attract Greater Abundance

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A key purpose in learning to attract greater financial abundance is to practice being a creator of your life, rather than a victim of circumstances. Needing money is what motivates us to be a more conscious creator.


As you know, we create our own reality on every level, so our life is actually a mirror of our dominant thoughts. As we change our thoughts, we can change our life.


You can begin by asking for guidance from your soul or higher self to illuminate your path towards greater abundance. Your soul is a direct link to Spirit/God/the Universe—or whatever you call the ultimate Source of abundance within your own heart.


Your soul is like the sun which helps grow the seeds of your intentions that are planted in the soil of your subconscious.  Your soul holds the blueprint for expressing your highest purpose, which will bring you the greatest joy if you pursue it.


It’s also important to value your imagination, as it is the closest link to your soul and helps you transcend apparent limitations and unleash your greatest potential. Your imagination can create unlimited future pathways and help you see the possible outcomes of your various choices.


You don’t have to work out exactly how abundance will come to you–your soul, with the help of the universe, will do this for you.


Transform Your Thinking


Become aware of how you’re influenced by people or environments with negative views or fears about money, and spend more time with positive people and positive environments.


You can expand your beliefs about what you deserve to have – more money can bring you new growth and learning and new skills.


It’s important to think loving, kind thoughts about yourself and remember all your positive qualities as this tells your subconscious that you deserve abundance.


Your thoughts are magnets attracting substance that matches them in frequency. Your thoughts are the cause and the outer world is the world of effects. Focus on thoughts that are for the benefit of the wider community, and your magnetic attraction of money will increase.


Focus positive thoughts on the abundance that you want and hold that focus – don’t think about what you don’t want. If negative thoughts arise, substitute a positive one and focus on that.


Get clear exactly what you want financially, how you will use it, and how it will help your life. Then write all this down as a first step in helping manifest it.


Become aware of what quality you hope to experience with the money you attract (e.g. freedom, peace, love, etc.) Think about how you can experience more of the essence of this quality right now, as it will change your vibration and make you magnetic to whatever matches this new vibration.


Visualize what you want to receive and put yourself in your picture. This helps you harmonize with it and so bring the experience into your present reality. Affirm what you want financially, and add, “This or something better,” affirming that the universe knows best and will bring you what you truly need.


Imagine you have already attracted what you, your subconscious and your soul want, and become aware of how this makes you feel. Use only affirmations and visualizations that you believe are possible, and work up from there to something larger.


Then surrender your request, and become detached from the results of your efforts.


Energize Your Positive Feelings


Strong emotions help drive your thoughts from your inner subjective world to the outer world where they can manifest. The stronger your emotions, the more rapidly you create what you are thinking about. Radiate the frequency of love to harness greater power to manifest your thoughts.


Invite your subconscious to be your partner in attracting abundance, as it has many resources and gifts to help you.


Loving your conscious self as well as your soul and your subconscious is the most powerful magnetic energy there is–and is essential for manifesting anything. Appreciate the many gifts of your subconscious and all the ways it helps you feel safe and secure.  Appreciate the inspiration and sense of higher purpose provided by your soul or higher self.


Upgrade Your Understanding


Develop an unshakable knowing that Spirit/God/the Universe, is the source of all abundance, and continually affirm that all your true needs are being met.


Find your life’s work and higher purpose in order to bring the greatest abundance, because you’re doing what you love. Learn to be generous and give to others as an act of confidence in your continual flow of abundance, because as you give, so will you receive. It really helps to develop an attitude of gratitude for what you’ve already been given.


See yourself as a custodian, rather than an owner of money and material things.  Give away anything you no longer need or use–clean out your closets, as it creates a vacuum to attract what’s really needed.


It’s good to recognize that your relationship to money can become a conscious spiritual practice. Your values and your money can work hand in hand. Spirituality and financial abundance are not mutually exclusive, and in fact, money can support your spiritual life and your service in the world.



Corinne McLaughlin is co-author of The Practical Visionary, from which this article is adapted, and is co-author of Spiritual Politics and co-founder of The Center for Visionary Leadership and The Firebird Group.


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