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Meditation on the Stars

  |   Corinne McLaughlin, Galactics, Live the Future Now Homepage, Meditation and Spiritual Practices   |   No comment


This meditation was inspired by my experience of an amazingly bright starry night last winter at some friends’ ranch on the coast of Northern California, away from all the lights of the city.  I really opened up to my love of the stars and I received a blast of energy in return that really energized me.  You can do this meditation quietly inside your house or outside if you can see the stars.


Begin by taking a few deep breaths to relax, releasing all thoughts and concerns, and breathing in peace and stillness.


Focus in your heart and feel the presence of universal love there.


Send love from your heart to all parts of your being, circulating love throughout your body, all the way down to the earth.


Feel rooted in the earth, connected with all of nature and the Mother of the World.


Then see this love energy rising up to the crown center at the top of your head, as your crown center slowly opens, like a beautiful, radiant flower.


Expand your awareness beyond the dimensions of earth to connect with the stars and the cosmos.


Experience the vastness of the cosmos, the immensity of space.


Feel the universe teaming with life, and know you are part of this vast universe.


Listen quietly until you hear the joyful singing of the stars.


Hear the magnificent harmony of the spheres.


Now see if one particular star draws you and zoom into it.


Experience this star more fully to understand what its unique gift is.


Ask about its role in the galaxy and its possible role in a vast Light Alliance that is aiding the earth.


Experience a blessing from this star that strengthens you and raises your vibration.


Now request a message from this star that you can bring back to earth, and hold it deeply and silently in your heart.


Now remembering all that you’ve experienced, slowly bring your awareness back into your body, and take a few deep breaths.



By Corinne McLaughlin

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