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How to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency and Bring More Light into Your Cells

  |   Corinne McLaughlin, Creating the New World, Energy, Live the Future Now Homepage, Meditation and Spiritual Practices, Spiritual Development   |   No comment


We can each help create a more lighted world by transforming ourselves with simple regular practices such as these:



  1. Meditate daily to connect with the light within you and your inner wisdom
  2. Stay focused in the present moment, releasing concerns about the past and the future
  3. Align with your higher purpose and a commitment to be of service
  4. Visualize energy from your solar plexus rising up to your heart and being transmuted into universal love
  5. Become more aware of the all pervading Matrix of Love and stay anchored within it, loving all, including yourself
  6. Ask for help from higher self and a benevolent universe and trust this inner guidance
  7. Be continually grateful for everything
  8. Practice appreciating your neighbors, co-workers and strangers
  9. See and reinforce every flickering of light in people
  10. Notice beauty all around you
  11. Develop an attitude of joyful expectancy
  12. Practice vigilance by noticing where your attention goes moment by moment
  13. Make use of your intention and will for the highest good
  14. Focus on the positive, which is your pathway of liberation
  15. Ground yourself in the healing energy of nature
  16. Keep energizing a vision of the new world and support its emergence everywhere

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