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Matrix of Love

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One of the most powerful ways to raise your frequency is to move into the Matrix of Love. The Spiritual Masters do not experience love as just an energy that can be called upon to sweeten or clarify relationships, or that stimulates, warms and opens hearts, or brings the energy of repentance, forgiveness and lasting connection — although it provides all of these. Let us consider love as the Masters and the Galactic civilizations do, and here is their definition of Love as Gordon has received it:

Love is an all pervading, omnipresent, infinite field matrix of energy which transcends all dimensional limitations of time and space creating an indissoluble bond between all worlds and dimensions. It is an energetic matrix which, when entered at any point in any dimension, ultimately unfolds into a unity of consciousness with ever expanding wholes, to which there is no end or limit.

Love is the greatest expander and extender of consciousness there is, the link between all the worlds and dimensions, the ever present matrix which holds every atom and every galaxy in right relationship. As such, entering the matrix through any dimensional portal intimately and ultimately leads into an ever expanding revelation of the seamless unity of the whole, which is the One, the One Life.

Thus, the task of unfoldment for each individual unit of life is to discover their unique portal of entry into this Matrix of Love, the One Life. This point of entry can be love for oneself, one’s family, group, nation or the world.

Once entered, the matrix steadily and naturally expands the focus of love, its reach and inclusive embrace, to all the worlds. In this understanding is hidden the secret of the human heart, and its capacity to endlessly expand into the Whole.

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