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Is the Pope of the light?

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This blog is in response to questions from people about whether Pope Francis is of the light, or is actually dark posing as light, as some people are saying on the internet.


Thank you for your question. The fundamental criteria anyone can use to evaluate whether someone is of the light or the dark, in addition to your own registration of someone’s vibrational energetic frequency, is Christ’s very own teaching, “by their fruits ye shall know them.”


When we closely examine what the Pope has done since taking office, it is unreasonable for any thinking person to imagine that this man is not totally of the light. I have done a lot of research on his activities, and he has, for example, completely changed the governing leadership of the Vatican bank, which was one of the 3 focal points for the dark forces’ control of the financial system. He has replaced all of the previous dark controllers with professional money managers, and has admitted discovering large sums of money at the bank that they didn’t know they had.


He is also taking major steps to reform how the entire Vatican curia governance functions, and has established an international advisory counsel with representatives of the most liberal cardinals from every continent in the world. This has become the de facto core governance structure of the Vatican.


In addition to his powerful statements on our responsibility to the poor; the gross corruption and inequities of the current financial and dark forces ruled capitalist system; his encyclical on the environment; his statements on gays and abortion; we can see that this man is a revolutionary disguised as a Pope. Of course there are limits on what he can do within the church system at this point in time, but this will continue to unfold as things move forward with the plan of light. He also has limits in his own beliefs re women and birth control, but this does not cancel out his overall achievements in bringing more light to the world.


In addition, we have his incredible energetic capacity to reach and touch huge numbers of people wherever he speaks or is present anywhere in the world, through his simplicity and humility and clear focus on blowing open the thoughtform of the Pope as someone who is infallible, issuing statements ex cathedra to the world, isolated by riches and the glamour of power.


He is also overlighted by great spiritual beings, as we can see by the energies pouring through him, and he is a central leader of the Light Alliance, and is fully aware of its existence and plan.


The support of the Catholic Church of the announcement of the new plans for the financial system, which the Pope will certainly give and which is outlined in The Transfiguration of Our World, will be essential to its acceptance worldwide. He is uniquely positioned and is using every possible aspect of his leadership role to further the unfoldment of humanity and the transformation of the evils of our system into making this planet a place where all can express their innate divinity in prosperity and joy.


You can compare this evidence to the online rantings about the Pope by people who have no real understanding of what is happening on our planet and who the Pope is. And if this  follows the usual pattern, (which has been well documented by many who have confessed to participating in these types of activities), they are very likely paid by the cabal to carry out this kind of attack. This is systematically done against anyone who threatens their position of control and power over the world’s systems, which the Pope is certainly doing in a most direct and courageous manner.


So how could there be any question whether this Pope is on the side of light or darkness?

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