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Will We Make It Through This Crisis? And How?

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   I have not posted anything on my blog for some time because I have been immersed in revising and publishing the second edition of The Transfiguration of Our World, followed by dozens of speaking appearances and interviews on radio shows, culminating in my interview last Wednesday on Coast-to-Coast with George Noory. The response to the information and vision in the Transfiguration book has been extraordinarily positive, and the book is spreading rapidly through word-of-mouth.

Everywhere I am presenting, including at many groups and conferences, Institute of Noetic Sciences community groups, the New Life Expo and other forums, the response is always along the lines of “I was in despair and depressed about our planet and and our future, and your book has given me realistic hope and a positive vision for our future, with evidence that this is really happening.”

It is clear that the question on everyone’s mind is: are we as humanity and our planet going to successfully move through the worldwide crisis we are facing in every area of our life on earth? I have been meditating for 40 years, and during the last 20 years I have been receiving detailed information through telepathic conversations with a spiritual Master who is deeply engaged in helping humanity successfully move through this crisis and create a lighted planet for all life on earth.

His insight and wisdom includes a deep spiritual understanding of why the world is the way it is, the Higher Help we are receiving to move through this crisis and a clear picture of the new world we are moving into, (which is all outlined in my book, The Transfiguration of Our World. So, as a result my answer to the question of will we make it is a resounding YES!

Due to the unprecedented support from Galactic civilizations and the spiritual Masters, and their co-creative partnership with world leaders, there are many new initiatives now being implemented. The unprecedented light and love being radiated to our planet by the spiritual Masters and the Galactic civilizations is supporting every light worker on earth, and we are making tremendous progress, despite, or even because of, all the upheaval and change occurring on earth.

It has been necessary for the corruption, deceit and manipulation which has been present in our social order for centuries to be fully exposed, so that people realize the system itself cannot be patched together just to keep it going, but must be totally reformed. This is seen in the extraordinarily low level of confidence people have in our institutions such as the U.S. Congress, banks and multinational corporations. Thus people are ready for a reorganisation of our social order in every realm of our financial, political and social life. This is what the spiritual Masters are engaged with, and this well thought out and developed plan is referred to as the Transfiguration of Our World.

Transfiguration simply means the infusion of a higher frequency of light and love into an individual’s energy system, or the energy system of a society or even an entire planet. It was illustrated in the Transfiguration of Christ on the mountaintop when he emerged as radiant and filled with light. This is the state towards which each of us and our planet is steadily moving into, as the continued infusion of light and love to our planet steadily increases in power and intensity. So we can look forward to a tremendously potent and transfiguring time in the months and years ahead.

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