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Preparing for Transfiguration

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The major intensification of energies on earth that we are experiencing is occurring as our Solar Logos makes and stabilizes the alignment with the Great Heavenly Being. (This is the Being whose seven chakras are composed of seven solar systems, including ours). As this alignment of the seven solar systems nears completion, energies are being released from the heart of the Galaxy through the central sun to our earth.

This means we will build up energy leading to the Day of Revelation, rather than it happening all at once. It will intensify to a culminating point, which will be an unprecedented inflow of love energy to fully complete the Transfiguration. This will be the point when those not able to respond to love will no longer be able to be present on earth.

To prepare, each of us can focus on removing all we are aware of that blocks us from being within the matrix of love – fear, anger, greed, excessive consumption, attention to negative media, etc. You can do your best in every moment to moment situation to cultivate calm, benevolence and a relaxed, trusting attitude that all is unfolding according to a higher plan, including your own life, regardless of how challenging it may be.

Another valuable practice is to always look for the lessons every life experience brings and constantly practice forgiveness of yourself and others for whatever occurs, with gratitude for all that is positive in your life.

Hold the realization deep within yourself that all of humanity and the earth are being helped and supported to move into a beautiful lighted future. Survival fear is being banished from our world. and everyone will have what they need to prosper and be creative.

As we each do our part to stand for, live and use the creative power we all have within us as Divine beings, we can choose to live from our highest vision of our shared future. By doing this we are fulfilling our individual and group destinies, and contributing to the transfiguration of our world.

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