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Frequencies and Fields

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Frequencies are simply energy waves vibrating at different rates or speeds according to the subtlety or density of the field they generate. There is a mutual and reciprocal interaction between any established field and the entity who is affected by it and who, in turn, affects it. So the question is, are you affecting the field around you, or is it having more effect on you?


Thus, for you as a multidimensional human being, the vibrational frequency of soul and Spirit flowing through you determines the frequency of your expression in the grounding vibrational fields — physical/vital, emotional and mental.


Within you is an individual spark of Spirit that connects you to the Divine presence within all forms of life. This flow of Spirit through you is based on the integration of your conscious self, your subconscious and your superconscious soul.

Thus, the process of raising your frequency is one of strengthening, expanding and stabilizing the contact, communication and communion with the higher frequency dimensions of soul and Spirit. This integration, leading to personality/soul/Spirit fusion or transfiguration, will automatically lead to a raised frequency.

This actually means that greater light, love and spiritual will is available for expression and creativity to serve the whole, the One. This will raise the frequency of all personal limitations and allow you to live within the spiritual power and radiance of the higher spiritual dimensions.
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