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Working Out the Plan on Earth

  |   Galactics, Gordon Asher Davidson, Transfiguration of Our World Articles   |   No comment

The condition of the financial system becomes increasingly precarious as the control by the cabal continues to erode while the plans and systems of the Light Alliance have yet to be put in place. The world is in a hiatus, a gigantic space of unknowing and uncertainty, an interregnum or stasis, where the control of the system is shifting from the dark forces to the Light Alliance.


It is like when the tide recedes before the moment when the new wave of energy, hope, vision and purpose pours into humanity. The tide is turning now and the wave of love, vision and reordering about to flood humanity and the planet will bring new life and great joy to all on Earth.


The planning and organizing of the new systems with full agreement by the essential members is entirely complete. All is in readiness and simply awaiting word from the Solar Systemic level to proceed. This is essential, as the energies that will be released as unprecedented waves of love, light and joy upon humanity and the planet are the key to the fulfillment of the plan.


These energies will reassure humanity that what is occurring is benevolent, loving and for the highest good of all. This outpouring will reduce all fears, and engender a spirit of cooperation so often dreamed of by our visionaries. It will be actually achievable because human beings will be living in a realization of its oneness as humanity, and with all kingdoms of life on Earth, as well as with lives and civilizations beyond the planet, for those who are capable of this perception.


At this time the long planned announcements will be made, information will be given through media channels and the revelation will be at hand.


All is continuing as planned re the disclosure of Galactic civilizations. Once humanity is stabilized and moving beyond survival fear, and new housing, food, healthcare, education and energy systems are established, there will be a steadily increasing revealing of the truth of Galactic civilizations, their involvement with Earth and humanity, and the potential for co-creation with them. This will ultimately lead to Earth becoming part of the Galactic Light Alliance and opening up to the Galaxy as a field of experience, service and joyful relationships.

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