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Updates on the Plan

  |   Gordon Asher Davidson, Transfiguration of Our World Articles   |   No comment

Despite the chaos in the world, the Plan of Light is unfolding inwardly and outwardly very well. All is being readied for the Day of Revelation, when the new systems will be announced and begin to be implemented, and nothing can prevent its emergence. The agreements between nations are in place, with details worked out. Many key institutions have fully signed on to it, and they are fully supporting its implementation.

The Galactics are continuing and increasing their support of all lighted planning for the unfolding Plan, culminating in the day of Revelation. There are ever increasing lines of connecting light linking all coworkers deeply engaged in planetary preparation work. There is no field of human life that is not being affected by this increasing cooperation between the spiritual worlds and humanity.

On the solar systemic level, all the planets within the body of the Solar Logos are being stimulated, and their frequencies raised, as are all seven solar systems within the Heavenly Being. All this increased spiritual activity is in preparation for the great movement forward which will occur when the Earth is liberated and its frequency raised on the day of Revelation.

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