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Barbara marx hubbard interviews Gordon

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Shared Contact with Higher Intelligence Dialogue with Barbara Marx Hubbard and Gordon Asher Davidson 


A remarkable number of luminaries share Barbara Marx Hubbard’s intuition that by creating fields of deep, co-creative resonance in groups, we can begin to open up access to higher dimensions of consciousness, including spirit guides, the deceased, angelic orders – and even beings from other planets. While this thesis is provocative, it is supported by the experience of many pioneers who have directly experienced such contact and who recognize the profound implications for humanity, if we can open this doorway to higher levels of communication and gain access to wisdom for navigating our current crises.

In this dialogue, Barbara and Gordon will go far beyond the usual “public” discourse to intimate personal experiences and intuitions about the implications of this contact for our world.


Interview courtesy of Co-Creators Rising course: http://cocreatorcourse.com/course/CoCreators


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